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Apex Soft Solutions is a very young, dynamic, enthusiastic and energetic company offering total and cost-effective solutions using the latest technologies from the world of Information Technology (IT). We are associated with the leading companies to provide the best available technology and support to our customers. We have been in the business of internet applications & custom web development for the past 21 years. We have succeeded in not only just satisfying our customers but also in delighting them!

We have our corporate office in Mumbai and are in the process of establishing similar facilities in other key locations. Our facilities include a fully networked environment, state-of-the-art communication facilities, adequate and ergonomically designed workspaces for maximum efficiency and a challenging congenial work environment.

At Apex Soft Solutions, we specialize in providing IT solutions for business of all sizes and all types. We offer professional and affordable services along with friendly customer relationship. We provide a full range of skills needed to direct and deliver a successful tailored solution, including strategic decision, business analysis, management, application development and systems integration. We place a high premium on understanding the business model and work at offering a range of solutions that our clients can select from. In some cases, we even define the business model for them.

We offer IT solutions to diverse segments like corporate houses, industries, health care services, financial and educational institutions. We see our aim of being a one-stop shop for all IT requirements coming closer to our reach. This helps our clients to rely on one company rather than having the trouble of dealing with multiple vendors and service providers.

We have also invested our time, experience and expertise in the area of product development. We have focused our efforts on the development of quality business applications that are fully customizable.